Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wallowing in Self-Pity

With today’s seemingly impossible standards, it is impossible to live life worry-free. With the increasingly demanding social norms of the consumerist society, people are often put on the spot. They need to excel in practically everything they do, and if they try to catch their breath even for just a moment, they get left behind. You have people telling you that you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or rich enough. Though you may not have everything you want in life, you should feel that you do have enough. After all, if we did get everything that we wanted, what else is there to work for?

As you drive around the city, you see billboards depicting pictures of people with perfect lives. Then, you look in the mirror and find an infinite number of flaws. You always want what you don’t have, and if you let society’s standards affect the way you see yourself, you will never be happy. You need to get out of this rut that you are in and avoid self-pity. You should see things for what they truly are because these are stepping stones to self-empowerment.

The first step to empowering yourself is to concentrate on your strengths. You should see yourself as someone who is good enough to thrive in today’s society. This is not to say that you should simply ignore your flaws. You also need to know which areas you need to develop, but instead of sulking and complaining, think about what you can achieve when you work on improving yourself. Ignore the voices that tell you that you can never amount to much. Never be at the mercy of someone else’s standards because what you think should matter most.

Then, you should reframe the way you view yourself. Sometimes, you let your physical flaws dictate your confidence. If you get criticisms from people, let these drive you to do something. You’ll be surprised at the things you can achieve if you just set your mind to it. If people criticize your weight a lot, then get into a healthy lifestyle and further your strengths while you make yourself look and feel better. The thing is, you should never let society put too much pressure on you. You should do the things that you want when you feel that it’s the right time. When you shape your life according to the norm, you may not even be ready for the changes. Just go through the experiences and accept what you have at the moment. When you feel that it’s time to take things to another level, then do so because this is a sign that you are ready. You should weigh the pros and the cons of every decision you make. Things have a way of coming back, and if you get into something too early, you may not be ready to face the repercussions.

Once you’ve adjusted your expectations according to you needs and not to the needs of others, you can strike a balance between your lifestyle wants and goals. You have to fine-tune your perspective and believe in your ability to improve the quality of your life. While this may be a difficult feat, the chances of you fulfilling your goals are better. It’s all about your frame of mind! You are not a failure unless you think you are.

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