Monday, July 13, 2009

Optimizing Your Use of Visualization

How To Visualize

For visualization to be most effective, you have to start imagining where you are at this point in your life. This should be a fun and relaxing exercise. In fact, this is one way to relax your mind and inspire yourself. The exercise should only evoke feelings of happiness and peace.

So what you really need to do is relax so that you enable yourself to connect with your spirit. It's simply a matter of monitoring your thoughts because both your mind and spirit knows no boundaries. Free yourself from mental chatter and concerns. You simply have to imagine the ultimate outcome of the entire journey. Then you must feel what it's like to be in that winning moment. Assume ownership of that goal and make it yours. Keep doing this until you achieve those dreams.

When it comes to doing the exercises, find a quiet and serene spot. Natural settings make the best place to engage in creative visualization. Breathe deeply so that you can sink deeper into a sea of peace. What is said to help a lot is when you imagine that you're descending a staircase, with each step down taking you to a deeper level of relaxation. You'll sometimes find yourself with a myriad of random thoughts entering your consciousness. Strive hard to clear your head and imagine an empty space. When your thoughts are cleared from clutter, your vibration rises automatically. Now, allow yourself to think about your goal. Make it as exciting as possible, with you as the star of your very own movie. Put yourself in a place where you are being congratulated by many people.

Follow these few simple rules:
  • Visualize what you want and include only the positive.
  • Visualize living your dreams in the now.
  • Use the emotions in you and use all as many senses so that your subconscious believes it is real.
  • Make it a habit because the more you visualize, the more you will look forward to it.

The real power to change our lives comes through visualization. Sometimes, this can be a little challenging. Your mind can wander off and think about your other matters. When this happens, you veer away from what you are supposed to do. To help you through the process, you can use pictures to help you visualize. Find pictures that get you hyped up and choose the ones that represent your aspirations. Put yourself in the picture because they are more powerful when you are in it. Make sure you keep a balance of your goals so that you don’t omit other important areas.

It is also important to make affirmations and repeat them to yourself daily. Because you repeat these affirmations often, they almost become a mantra that can be used to calm your mind. Most importantly, prepare yourself for success and assume that it is on its way. If you don’t, you will never be ready when your dreams come true. You must have an unwavering faith that everything is going to go your way because that is what convinces the law of attraction to go into overdrive.

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