Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Surviving Your Initial Attempt at Independence

Sometimes, it really takes quite a while to move out of your parent’s house. There’s comfort and security in clinging to a sheltered life for as long as possible. However, there comes a point in your life where you have to brave the unknown and live solo. There are valuable lessons to be learned once you get out on your own. You learn to fend for yourself by worrying about all your responsibilities. You have to think about the bills due while maintaining your new house just to make sure that it is livable.

While the prospect of moving out is both exciting and scary, there is also satisfaction in knowing that work must be done not because you choose to, but because you have to. You are no longer answerable to anybody but yourself. You also have to learn how to adapt to changes because the connections you’ve made in your previous home will also alter. However, while the new environment makes way for nostalgia, it also gives you opportunities to grow and develop as a person.

Fact is, you can become independent without experiencing the drama that usually goes with the scenario. All that is needed are planning and forethought. Before you up and move your stuff, ask yourself if you really are ready to become self-sufficient. Weigh the repercussions of your big decision and plan how you can meet your responsibilities so that you don’t suffer financially.

As you move on to your new place, know how much you need to pay rent. Generally, it should only be 25 to 30 percent of your income. If you plan to get a car, payment should only be 10 to 15 percent of your income. Basically, it means that you still have more than half of your money for yourself and your basic needs. Remember, you also have to think about your daily expenses. If you are quite unsure of what is really required, ask for advice and do the math. You also should know that though there are major sacrifices to be made, you should be able to treat yourself every so often. So, get your finances in order and make the necessary lifestyle tweaks.

More importantly, being independent is also about knowing the rules. Make sure you don’t blow your budget because landowners only look for an ideal tenant. It’s also wise to keep track of how you received your unit. Take pictures if you must so that you have proof to show your landlord if big repairs are needed.

As you welcome a life of freedom, you also have to be more careful about everything. You are responsible for your own safety so consider all security measures immediately. Emotional and psychological maturity is necessary to ensure a successful independent life. You are now facing a lot of decision making challenges almost everyday, right after stepping out of your parent’s house. Understand that you must be emotionally, psychology, and financially independent to do it, otherwise you go back home with your tail between your legs. Just remember that the real education is when you are in the actual situation, and sacrifices have to be made if you are to make it on your own and stay happy.

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